More volunteers still needed for BirdLife Cyprus bird monitoring projects

As the breeding season begins, BirdLife Cyprus is still seeking more volunteers for our long-term monitoring programmes. In particular, two projects that are taking off in earnest this month are the Common Birds Monitoring Scheme (CBMS), which requires two mornings (or more if you like) per year, between March and June, walking a 1-km transect near your home, and the Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Cyprus, which requires visiting particular sites and recording birds there, also during the breeding season.

We have a small but dedicated core of volunteers who already contribute to this work. If you would like to join them, we’d be delighted to hear from you. These projects require only basic birdwatching skills and a few hours field work per month, or even per year. If you are interested, please let us know. We’ll be providing training for the CBMS later this month and/or in March. 

In addition to the CBMS and atlas, we still need more volunteers for our regular Wetland Bird Counts (one day per month at selected wetland sites throughout the island).

Please contact Christina Ieronymidou ( or call +357 22 455072 for more details.