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BirdLife Cyprus is undertaking awareness raising actions against illegal bird killing and threats to migratory birds for special target groups as well as the general public. Below are some of our actions.

School visits & Board Game

The ongoing support from NABU (BirdLife in Germany) makes it possible for BirdLife Cyprus to continue visiting primary schools and to reach out to children, to educate them on the birds of Cyprus, the wonder of migration, threats to migratory birds, such as the serious threat of illegal trapping of birds, as well as what we can each do to help birds and nature. Visiting schools and seeing engaged school directors and teachers who want to educate children about nature is particularly encouraging and gives a hopeful message for the future, as knowledge is a prerequisite for informed and responsible action.

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Within the framework of the educational school visits a board game on bird migration has also been developed, with funding from NABU and the Heinz Sielmann Foundation, which helps children understand the challenges of migration through an experiential and fun approach, as their mission is to complete their migration journey as birds.

Animation 'Ulysses'

With the support of NABU (BirdLife in Germany) and the Heinz Sielmann Foundation, we have produced a short animation film to communicate important messages about the illegal trapping of birds, as part of the educational presentations that BirdLife Cyprus does. The animation was created by Zedem Media.

'Feathered Journeys' - Mobile Application

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to fly like a bird or if you would survive the migration journey of birds? What do you think would help you and what do you think would be a threat or an obstacle on this journey? Now, with the free mobile application (app) by BirdLife Cyprus ‘Feathered Journeys’ you can try your luck as a migratory bird and see whether you will manage to survive and complete this difficult journey.
Available on both iOS and Android, our free app ‘Feathered Journeys’ introduces you to the birds of Cyprus, the wonder of migration and its challenges and allows you to report poaching and illegal bird trapping incidents.
The app is suitable for children as well as adults and is available for free in Greek and English for both Android and iOS (mobile phones and tables). The app is also available for download for PCs here (excluding the reporting option).

The creation of this app was funded by the MAVA Foundation through BirdLife International.

The game in the app is based on the educational board game produced by BirdLife Cyprus and funded by NABU (BirdLife in Germany) and the Heinz Sielmann Foundation.

'What's that bird?' - A bird guide for young explorers

BirdLife Cyprus created a new birdwatching guide, targeted to children as well as all new explorers who would like to take up birdwatching. In its pages you will find 63 different bird species and information on where you can see them in real life. This guide is a gift from BirdLife Cyprus to anyone who wants to get to know and explore the rich birdlife of our island.

'153 birds' campaign

The aim of the ‘153 birds’ awareness raising campaign was to bring everyone closer to the magical world of birds. Through this campaign BirdLife Cyprus presented some of the 153 bird species affected by illegal trapping in Cyprus. Since the completion of this campaign, the number has unfortunately climbed to 155 different bird species. Each year hundreds of thousands of birds are killed in Cyprus as a result of this illegal activity, with the worst year recorded to date being 2014 when it is estimated that 2.5 million birds were killed.

The ‘153 birds’ campaign consisted of three parts: the launch event with fairytales and songs about birds, the drawing competition and the exhibition with photographs and selected drawings.Through the drawing competition over 300 wonderful drawings of birds were collected, a response that has exceeded our expectations.

To celebrate birds and the wonder of migration, the campaign concluded in winter 2016 with a photography and drawing exhibition where a selection of the drawings submitted for the competition was presented, accompanied by photographs and information on each of the species depicted. Following the great success of the ‘153 birds’ campaign events in Nicosia the exhibition was hosted in spring 2017 at the Kato Pafos archaeological site, which is one of the 34 Important Bird Areas of Cyprus, in collaboration with the Department of Antiquities.

Funding for this project was from the Champions of the Flyway Bird Race, organized jointly by BirdLife International and SPNI (BirdLife in Israel). The ‘153 birds’ campaign was supported by Zedem Media. The Media Sponsor was CYBC. Special thanks to Get Out and Aperanti Agrotourism for the prizes for the drawing competition winners. For more information on the campaign, please click here.

Presentations to interest groups

BirdLife Cyprus has organised presentations for the Cyprus Tourist Guide Association as well as students at the Higher Hotel Institute Cyprus (HHIC). The aim is to educate current and future professionals in the tourism and hospitality industry on the rich avifauna of Cyprus, as well as the problem of illegal bird trapping and how this affects the image of the island abroad and consequently our tourism. At the same time, BirdLife Cyprus is working towards promoting sustainable birdwatching tourism.

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BirdLife Cyprus produced leaflets explaining the serious and persistent problem of illegal bird killing in Cyprus (you can view the leaflet here).

To address children and a younger audience BirdLife Cyprus also produced a leaflet explaining the wonder of bird migration as well as what we can each do to help protect birds (you can view the leaflet here).

Both leaflets were produced with funding from the MAVA Foundation.


Following record levels of illegal trapping activity in 2014, with an estimated 2.5 million birds killed, BirdLife Cyprus produced an infographic about this illegal activity, with funding from the RSPB (BirdLife in the UK).

The infographic aims to present in a short and concise manner the problem of illegal trapping of birds in Cyprus by providing information ranging from the methods used and why they are illegal, to why birds are important and what the public can do to help our cause against the illegal trapping of birds. This infographic is an additional tool for BirdLife Cyprus to raise awareness about the serious and persistent problem of illegal trapping of birds in Cyprus, with which we hope to reach new audiences.


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