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09 May 2018
It’s 18:15, sunny and a Sunday. The welcoming warmth of the sun dictates a lazy afternoon, and why not, an ice-cold lemonade somewhere in the heart of old Nicosia. Passers-by seem easy-going, the atmosphere relaxed and this homemade lemonade just what we needed. 
05 October 2016
The Cyprus Coal Tit Parus (or Periparus) ater cypriotes is the smallest bird species belonging to the Parid family. Parids are strongly associated with humans, especially in the northern hemisphere, where they are among the most familiar of all birds. The reason why humans have such fondness for parids is a result of the fact that they are usually quite tame and very willing  to accept food provided by people in feeders and bird tables. It is also linked with their willingness to use man-made nest boxes. Among them is also the Cyprus Coal Tit, a tiny but vivacious arboreal bird not easily intimidated by human presence. 
05 October 2016
The Spur-winged Lapwing Vanellus spinosus is an African migratory wader species that breeds only in Cyprus and Greece in the EU. In recent years, several individuals also winter here and since 2000, Cyprus hosts a small population of resident Spur-winged Lapwings.
05 October 2016
The Blackcap Sylvia atricapilla is a passage migrant and a winter visitor and takes its name from the male’s distinctive black cap, which contrasts with the rest of its greyish plumage. The female and the juvenile blackcap resemble each other, and are distinguished by a chestnut cap and browner body than the male. Τhis difference in colour makes them look quite different than the male, so much so that sometimes they can be mistaken for different species.
05 October 2016
The European Roller, a species of global conservation concern, is a common passage migrant and breeding summer visitor. It resembles a crow in size and build, but very unlike a crow, it has stunningly colourful plumage. The head, neck and underparts are light blue, whilst the upperparts are brownish-orange. Once the Roller extends its wings one can see the brilliant azure blue leading edge and the contrasting black wing-tips. A short, thin black stripe runs through the eye and the tail is greenish-blue with a darker base. 

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