153 birds! Join us on 17 April for a fun day dedicated to birds

29 February 2016

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Would you like to get to know the magic world of birds and the wonder of migration? Do you know the Swallow, the Bee-eater, the Hoopoe and the Nightingale? Join us on Sunday 17 April 2016 at 11am at Famagusta Gate Moat for our event ‘153 birds!’ dedicated to birds, with drawing activities and feathered fairy tales and songs with Charalambia Theophanous and Veronika Alonefti. An opportunity for young and old to get to know some of the many and impressive birds found in Cyprus. Do you recognise any birds from your everyday life?

When the birds in spring will have already started their long and difficult migration journey towards their breeding grounds, we will wait for you with songs, myths, fairy tales and coloured pencils to draw the birds. Bring your good mood and curiosity, your friends, aunts and children… And in autumn, when the birds will be migrating towards their wintering grounds, we will present the drawings we will have collected from you.

Why 153? Illegal bird trapping is a serious and persistent problem that affects 153 different bird species. Each year hundreds of thousands of birds are killed in Cyprus as a result of this illegal activity, with the worst year being 2014 when 2.5 million birds were killed. With this in mind, we are organising this event to bring everyone closer to the world of birds.

This event is taking place within the framework of the awareness raising campaign against illegal bird killing in Cyprus and is organised by BirdLife Cyprus. Funding for this project is from the Champions of the Flyway Bird Race, organized jointly by BirdLife International and SPNI (BirdLife in Israel). The campaign is supported by Zedem Media. CYBC is the Media Sponsor.

For more information: www.birdlifecyprus.org/153birds or 22455072

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