Thank you for joining us for a celebratory afternoon at the awarded Oroklini Lake!

04 June 2018

Last Saturday we spent a magical afternoon at Oroklini Lake celebrating the award for the restoration of this important wetland. 

The project partners, the Game and Fauna Service, BirdLife Cyprus, the Environment Department, the Department of Forests and Voroklini Community Council organized a wonderful celebratory event for young and old to enjoy the lake and its birds through telescopes and binoculars and create bird baths for the birds in our gardens.

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On 23 May, the LIFE Oroklini project was awarded as ‘Best LIFE project’ together with 27 other conservation projects funded by the EU. This award recognizes the effort for the restoration of Oroklini Lake, a Natura 2000 site which is now a refuge for over 190 bird species, many of them migratory, and also highlights the importance of protecting important areas for wildlife as well as the importance of targeted funding programs such as LIFE.
Through the three-year LIFE Oroklini project many targeted management actions were implemented, such as fencing the wetland to reduce disturbance to important bird species such as the Spur-winged Lapwing and the Black-winged Stilt, water level management, creation of nesting islands for birds, and more. Simultaneously, education and awareness-raising actions took place as well as the creation of the birdwatching hides so that visitors can enjoy the lake’s wildlife. With its completion, this project has turned the lake into a jewel and attraction in the area, something that is confirmed both by its award and the visitors who come to enjoy it.
It was with great pleasure we welcomed everyone at our celebration, which was undoubtedly an event worthy of the award the project for the restoration of this small and wonderful wetland has received. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of this project and everyone who joined us to celebrate and share our joy for the award and our love for Oroklini Lake!
You can learn more about the LIFE Oroklini project and the lake here:

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