Ulysses is back!

29 August 2018

A few years after his debut in 2014, where he explained the problem of illegal bird trapping, Ulysses is back, this time with a cute co-star!

Now that he has a family, Ulysses will initiate his son Telemachus in the wonder of migration. The wonder of bird migration continues to fascinate people across the globe. How can these little birds that only weigh a few grams and fit into a child’s palm, or even larger birds, travel for weeks over mountains, valleys, cities, rivers, lakes and seas until they reach their final destination?
Young Telemachus, as all migratory birds ready to embark on their first journey, has a lot to learn: from preparing, navigating and enduring to facing obstacles and dangers that may lie ahead.

Ulysses hopes to spread his message to many children of all ages in classrooms, events and festivals. His mission? For as many people as possible to discover the magical world of birds and to cherish nature. You can help him fulfil his mission, by watching and sharing his new video. And if you want, you can watch the first video again.

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