#HomeBirding - ​A mini bird race to beat the blues away

02 April 2020

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In support of the Champions of the Flyway bird race.

Join us for a unique and fun mini bird race to help beat the isolation blues away!

Nature can lift our spirits and help us connect with those around us. We may be confined to our homes, but we can still be connected to nature through birds - be it from the window, the balcony or the garden. We are inviting everyone to join our mini bird race from home on Sunday, 5 April, between 7:30- 10:30am.

How it works

The idea is simple: sit by your window, on your balcony or in your garden this Sunday, 5 April from 7.30-10.30am and try to see or hear as many bird species as you can. Note them down and submit your observations to BirdLife Cyprus by 3pm on the day. If you’re feeling creative, you can also take a photo or two and submit these also (yes, there is a prize for that too!).

Spread the word

Use #HomeBirding to spread the word and share your experience on the day on social media!

Who can participate

Anyone living in Cyprus (individuals, couples or families – as long as they are under one household).


  • Participants must follow local COVID-19 guidelines to the letter. Observing or photographing birds needs to be done from home, the balcony or the garden.
  • ​Records of birds either seen or heard can be accepted.
  • All observations or photos should be taken between 7:30 - 10:30am on Sunday, 5 April and should be sent to BirdLife Cyprus in one e-mail by 3pm on the same day at info@birdlifecyprus.org.cy with subject line ‘Home Birding’.
  • The e-mail should contain:
    • Name(s) of observers
    • Area and district (i.e. Lakatamia, Nicosia)
    • A list of bird species seen or heard – example given below
      • 1. House Sparrow
      • 2. Barn Swallow
      • 3. Great Tit (heard)
  • Any photos of birds (or the view or other wildlife!) taken during the race
  • A telephone number
  • By entering this competition, participants agree that BirdLife Cyprus can publish in any format photos submitted as part of the Mini Bird Race in the organisation’s website, social media and printed publications, with credit to the photographer.

Prizes will be given for:
  1. The highest number of species observed (seen and/or heard)
  2. ​The best photo (to be judged by the BirdLife Cyprus bird race committee)
  3. The “best bird” seen (to be judged by the BirdLife Cyprus bird race committee: Melis Charalambides, Jane Stylianou, Martin Hellicar, Elena Markitani and Christia Alexandrou)
For categories 2 and 3, the committee will take into account the fact that some observers will be limited to urban settings. The three winners will be informed by e-mail on 10 April and will have the opportunity to choose from among a nest box, a BC t-shirt or a bird illustration as a prize.

Birding with a purpose

The mini bird race is organized in solidarity of the well-known Champions of the Flyway Fundraising Bird Race, which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Every year, Champions of the Flyway is fundraising for bird conservation, mainly for projects tackling the illegal killing of birds migrating along the flyways. This year, Champions of the Flyway is dedicating its campaign to helping our Birdlife Partners in Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan to save the Critically Endangered Steppe Eagle. You can help stop the tragic decline in the world's Steppe Eagle population by donating here


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