Welcoming Antaia to the team

03 March 2020

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Nature is struggling around the world. However, organizations such as BirdLife Cyprus give me hope and empower me do my best to protect it. There is still a lot to be saved and we can actually manage to safeguard a lot of it.

That is exactly why I am truly happy to take on this new opportunity as a Conservation Projects Officer at BirdLife Cyprus. I will be responsible for a variety of nature protection projects, such as the new LIFE IP Physis project which is not only a personal challenge, it is a national one too, since a total of 15 partners will be collaborating for the next 10 years to manage Natura 2000 sites in Cyprus more effectively. I will also be involved with the Barn Owl project, which involves reaching out to communities to inform them about this magnificent owl species and how we can reduce poison use in our countryside by using this species for rodent control. These and many other projects that BirdLife Cyprus is currently running puts me in the exciting position to make a difference on the island and inspire others to care about the natural world.

I have worked and volunteered with NGOs for almost six years now, in Cyprus and abroad. All of them have one thing in common: they are doing their absolute best for wildlife. Giving birds a second chance after being tired or injured, protesting about state wrongdoings, nurturing baby birds into adulthood, researching habitats and the animals that live in them, collaborating with authorities to catch poachers in the act and putting pressure on the government to better protect our unique ecosystems.

It takes a lot of persistence, patience and passion to keep trying to protect our environment. However, feeling part of a bigger BirdLife family with over 120 partner organizations around the globe, with experienced and like-minded people who are willing to take the extra step to protect nature, is something that makes me look at the future with a smile.

Antaia Christou
Conservation Projects Officer


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