‘Wings on the Wind’ continue their journey online!

30 March 2018

The BirdLife Cyprus documentary ‘Wings on the Wind’ is now available online for all to enjoy and learn about the birds of our island, after a series of successful screening events in Cyprus and abroad since its premiere in April 2017!

Our documentary ‘Wings on the Wind’ started its ‘migration journey’ on a wonderful spring day in April 2017 with a full house at the beautiful  premises of the Aigaia School of Art and Design, where Swifts welcomed everyone to the traditional neighbourhood of Ayioi Omoloyites in Nicosia.
Following its successful premiere and the public’s welcoming response, our documentary travelled even further, when our Director, Martin Hellicar, and Campaigns Officer Against Illegal Bird Killing, and production coordinator, Natalie Stylianou, were invited to present the film on CYBC at the show ‘Our Community’ targeted at the Cypriot community living in the UK, where also half the documentary was broadcast on 3 June 2017. To reach a wider audience in Cyprus, we gathered on a beautiful autumn day in September 2017 for a second screening event, in collaboration with Terra Cypria, which was hosted at the wonderful Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre in Limassol. We were excited to see all the seats fill up once more. Two months later our documentary travelled to Greece, and specifically to the Festival of Greek Documentaries, Docfest, in Halkida, with two screenings in November 2017.
And now, during the spring season when birds make their presence even more known with their song and their bold and beautiful colours, our documentary embarks on possibly the biggest part of its journey, as it becomes available for everyone to watch online. We hope that when watching our documentary you will share our love and passion for these feathered marvels and the grandeur of nature. This documentary is a first step towards discovering the natural wealth of our island. The second step is to go outside, enjoy it and cherish it…
BirdLife Cyprus created this documentary in the framework of its awareness-raising campaign against illegal bird trapping, with funding by NABU (BirdLife in Germany) and the Heinz Sielmann Foundation.

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