Five SACs designated in the British SBAs in Cyprus

29 January 2016

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It was with great pleasure that we were informed of the official designation of five Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) by the Administration of the Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus. The official designation was announced in the SBA gazette on 30 December 2015. The announcement was preceded by a public consultation on the proposals which ended in July 2015. BirdLife Cyprus sent its comments on the draft proposals in June 2015.

The five SAC areas designated are: 1. Akrotiri, 2. Episkopi, 3. Cape Pyla, 4. Dhekelia and 5. Agios Nikolaos. There were almost no changes on the terrestrial part in relation to the original proposal. The main changes are related to the marine part, part of which has been removed. Moreover, the area in Western SBA was split into two SACs, thus, we now have Akrotiri SAC and Episkopi SAC.

BirdLife Cyprus welcomes the designation and congratulates the SBAs for completing a thorough scientific evaluation that led to the protection of those sites. BirdLife Cyprus expects these designations will now lead to better protection of these important areas as well as the implementation of relevant management measures.

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