Cyprus: Massacre on Migration

11 April 2017

​A hard-hitting short film has just been released today with title ‘Cyprus: Massacre on Migration’.

Starring well known UK naturalist and anti-wildlife-crime campaigner Chris Packham, the film highlights the indiscriminate slaughter of birds in Cyprus, and in particular on the Dhekelia Sovereign British Base. Packham’s touching and personal account – shot in autumn 2016 – brings the ugly issue of extensive illegal bird trapping with mist nets and limesticks into sharp focus. It includes footage shot in the killing fields with anti-trapping activists CABS, plus an interview with BirdLife Cyprus.

This film comes a few weeks after BirdLife Cyprus and the RSPB published the autumn 2016 trapping report, as part of our long-running and hard-fought joint campaign to end the illegal bird killing in Cyprus. Our report received extensive media coverage both in the UK and Cyprus and highlighted shocking levels of bird trapping, with the Dhekelia base a mist netting hotspot and the use of limesticks and illegal sale of ambelopoulia still widespread in Republic areas. Cyprus has sadly become one of the worst illegal bird killing hotspots in the Mediterranean, as highlighted in the recent BirdLife International review.
This new short film presents footage of the situation on the ground, highlighting the negative impact the illegal slaughter is having on Cyprus as a tourism destination.

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