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30 September 2016
Birdwatching is a fun and affordable way for a family to come closer to nature. It encourages focus and observation in children and cultivates their love for nature. BirdLife Cyprus is organising two birdwatching outings for families, one at Athalassa Park and one at Oroklini Lake, to introduce both adults and children to the enchanting world of birds and birdwatching.
30 September 2016
Following the public consultation that the Game and Fauna Service carried out on 5 August 2016 regarding the hunting law amendment and the regulations on captive breeding and dog training areas, BirdLife Cyprus had a meeting with the Head of Game and Fauna Service, Mr Pantelis Hadjigerou, on 31 August 2016 to discuss in detail the proposals of the Game and Fauna Service and to clarify our positions and why we oppose many of these proposed amendments. This meeting was also attended by organisations Terra Cypria and Friends of the Earth Cyprus.
30 September 2016
This year’s raptor migration count is underway since 27 August 2016 and will be wrapping up on 9 October 2016. As with previous years the sites covered are Akrotiri, Cape Greco and Paphos Plain with our volunteers providing an excellent coverage of the sites that enabled us to gather a lot of data for subsequent analysis.
30 September 2016
Home at last! After more than a decade in the UK, I am delighted to have returned to my homeland and joined the ranks of BirdLife Cyprus. Having studied Zoology at university, I had my first taste of working with BirdLife Cyprus doing my Master’s project on the Cyprus Scops Owl, and then continued to pursue my PhD on the ecology and conservation of the farmland birds of Cyprus.
30 September 2016
Birdwatching is a fun and affordable way for a family to come closer to nature. It encourages focus and observation in children and cultivates their love for nature. 
30 September 2016
BirdLife Cyprus has been undertaking its systematic monitoring field programme of illegal bird trapping activity since the beginning of September 2016 which will continue until mid-October, covering the autumn bird migration which is the main trapping period of migratory birds.
30 September 2016
We are happy to announce the arrival of the new BirdLife Cyprus 2017 calendar which showcases pictures of the birds and habitats of Akamas. This is one of the larger, distinctive and key sites for bird conservation in Cyprus.
30 September 2016
One of the most important conservation actions will be starting soon at Akrotiri Marsh. Ditch dredging, scrape and pool creation and reed clearing are some of the engineering works the Darwin project will start implementing around mid-October 2016.
20 September 2016
At this point of the year, millions of migratory birds are leaving Europe flying to their wintering places in Africa. Cyprus is on one of the main migratory flyways in Europe and so every autumn and spring hundreds of thousands of birds pass through our island: from colourful Bee-eaters as they call and swirl through the air hunting for insects to imposing migrating raptors, such as the Red-footed Falcon and the Pallid Harrier, species of global conservation concern. BirdLife Cyprus invites people to take the opportunity to discover the fascinating world of bird migration on 2 October 2016. 
31 August 2016
A big and warm thank you to everyone who took part in the ‘153 birds’ drawing competition and congratulations to the lucky winners! We received over 300 drawings and the difficult task of selecting the winners was undertaken by a committee comprised of BirdLife Cyprus staff and members of its Council, who chose the following:

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