Walking, running, cycling for nature!

Do you like walking, running or cycling in nature? That’s great, because it’s good both for your body and mind! Would you like to give something back to nature? Then embark on our 100K for Nature challenge!

The idea is simple: walk, run or cycle over the span of 8 weeks (between 23 October to 18 December), to complete a total of 100 km, get sponsored by friends and family and raise money to help us continue our work to protect nature in Cyprus. Which of our specific causes you will support with your campaign is up to you. 

100% of the funds raised by this campaign will support targeted conservation actions.

How to get involved

  • Sign up. Register for the challenge by filling the form below.

  • Set up your fundraising page. Head over to www.givengain.com to create your account and fundraising page, set it to end on 20 December 2021. Search for BirdLife Cyprus as a charity and choose to fundraise for the 100K for Nature campaign.

  • Receive a specially branded goody bag, containing a 100K for Nature t-shirt, a reusable water bottle and a tote bag to get you started.

  • Walk, run or cycle over the span of 8 weeks, to complete a total of 100 km!

  • Collect donations! Share your challenge on social media to start collecting donations.

  • Keep your friends and family updated with your challenge. Upload photos of your progress on social media and fundraising page. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and Instagram and use #100KforNature. At the bottom of this page, you will find visuals to download for use on social media. 

  • Join our Facebook group to meet like-minded people, share your progress and motivate one another!

  • Have fun!

> €50 can help us teach local school children about nature and the wonders of birds, in the classroom or during a field trip

> €100 can go towards a first-aid kit for saving poisoned vultures and other birds in the field

> €150 can help us install a trail camera to monitor wildlife

> €200 can help us organize an awareness-raising workshop about a Natura 2000 site in a rural community

> €250 can help us install a Barn Owl nest box to reduce rodenticides in the countryside

> €300 can support covert surveillance of illegal bird trapping, in cooperation with the RSPB and SBA Police

> €500 can help us put up an information board for visitors to protected sites

> €1000 can help us improve grazing conditions at Akrotiri Marsh which is key for improving habitat conditions for birds

> €2000 can help us carry out works at key sites to improve nesting conditions for water birds

> €3000 can help us print 1500 bird guides for children 

Donor Promise

We commit to putting your generous donation to good use. 100% of the funds raised by this campaign will support targeted conservation actions in the area of work specified when filling in the registration form. 

Sign up!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our planet is at a critical turning point. Human activities such as intensive farming, overfishing and badly planned development are causing a collapse of biodiversity on an unprecedented scale. Birds, mammals, insects, amphibians and fish are in steep decline and are diminishing at terrifying rates. Our work to save birds and their habitats is already underway, but we need your help to do even more. As a non-profit, non-governmental organization we rely on external funding sources to continue our critical work, from individuals supporting us through their donations and membership to foundations, institutions and national and EU programmes funding conservation programmes and campaigns. All of this funding supports our efforts to protect birds and nature, such as through restoring important habitats, saving endangered bird species, combatting illegal bird killing, lobbying for the enforcement of environmental legislation and reaching out to the younger generations through our educational programmes.

Head over to www.givengain.com to create your account – make sure you sign up as a fundraiser. Search for BirdLife Cyprus as a charity and choose to fundraise for the 100K for Nature campaign. Set up your fundraising page and set it to end on 20 December 2021. Share your challenge and the link to your fundraising page with friends and family and urge them to support you by sponsoring you. We’ve got some great milestone images which you can share on social media as you progress through the challenge.

There is no set donation target for this challenge – you simply raise as much as you can.

If you don’t have a smart watch that tracks your activities, there are some good free mobile apps such as Strava or Runkeeper so you can log your activities with your mobile phone.

Don’t worry too much about not completing the challenge. The most important thing is taking part, helping raise awareness and fundraising for nature. Share your progress on the Facebook group and in your social media to keep yourself motivated! We’re here to support you!

We will be sending all participants a gift bag as a thank you for taking on this challenge. The gift bag includes a 100K branded t-shirt, a water bottle and a tote bag. To receive yours, please create your account and your fundraising page on www.givengain.com after filling in and submitting the online registration form. There is a limited number of gift bags and these will be given out on a first come first served basis. Please note that the gift bags will only be sent to those participants who have already set up their fundraising campaign page on www.givengain.com and have connected it with the 100K for Nature campaign.

How you complete the challenge is entirely up to you. From long walks or bike rides during the weekends to short strolls in the park, commuting to work with your bike or keeping to your running schedule during the week, anything goes and all kilometers count! Combining your activities will help you reach the target faster. Participating with other outdoor activities, such as swimming, roller-skating or kitesurfing and windsurfing, is also more than welcome! 

As a participant in the 100K for Nature challenge you choose which cause you would like to support with the money you have raised. Simply choose which cause you wish to support when completing the registration form. We promise to put your generous donation to good use. 100% of the funds raised by this campaign will support targeted conservation actions. Early in 2022, we will announce how much all of our 100K for Nature challenge participants have raised together as well as where the money raised will be invested.


BirdLife Cyprus is a registered non-governmental non-profit organization (registration no. 4). Our financial statements are audited by an external auditor on an annual basis. Our latest Annual Activity Report is available here.

Individuals over the age of 18 based in Cyprus or abroad can participate in the challenge. Please note that gift bags will be sent only to Cyprus addresses. It goes without saying that participants are more than welcome to involve other people, family or friends, to accompany them during their walks, rides and runs – of course as long as any covid-19 rules/restrictions currently in place are adhered to.

We welcome companies and their staff to join the challenge! If you are interested in taking part as part of your company’s CSR programme, please contact us for more information and how you can participate at christia.alexandrou@birdlifecyprus.org.cy

Five trails in Natura 2000 areas that will bring you closer to 100K!

Madari trails (13km, circular)

Starting from Doksa soi o Theos location on the Kyperounta – Spilia road, this circular trail connects the following trails: Doksa Soi o Theos – Pyrofilakio Madaris – Selladi tou Karamanli – Moutti tis Choras – Doksa soi o Theos. With the panoramic view of Morphou Bay, the rock formations of Madari and the shade from the endemic Golden Oaks, it doesn’t really take much to convince one to walk this trail. How about a stop for lunch at Kyperounta or Spilia? Make sure you don’t miss the points where these trails meet.

Panagia tou Araka – Stavros tou Agiasmati (7km, linear or 14km return)

There aren’t many places in the world where one can walk from one UNESCO world heritage church to another. The starting point of this trail found at Lagoudera is only 1 hour’s drive away from Nicosia. Vineyards, almond and pine trees and stunning views of Morphou Bay. What more could anyone ask for? Maybe a coffee at Lagoudera or Platanistasa?

Atalante trail (14km, circular)

Starting from Troodos square, the Atalante trail follows a route around the island’s highest peak, Hionistra. With panoramic views of the whole island, the Atalante trail hides many gems, like the 800 year old Aoratos of Troodos and the old mineshaft galleries. Before departing, make sure you stop by Troodos square for a refreshment.

Kannoures – Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis (9km, linear or 18km return)

Just before Kampos tou Livadiou, on the road from Troodos’ Botanical Garden to Troodos Square, there is a trail leading all the way down to Kakopetria. The reward for this downhill trek is a beautiful valley as well as the medieval UNESCO World Heritage church of Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis. Three more kilometers of road walking, you can reach Kakopetria village for coffee or lunch. Careful at some steep decline points and at the points crossing the river.

Aphrodite trail (7.5km, circular)

Starting from Aphrodite’s Baths near Akamas’ Botanical Garden, this circular trail follows a route with views over Polis Chysochous Bay and the most north-western point of the island, Akamas Peninsula. The Rigena Tower ruins, which is believed to have been a medieval monastery, enrich the route with cultural elements that are characteristic of the area. This trail can be combined with a visit to the Botanical Garden or Aphrodite’s Baths or lunch or coffee at Neo Chorio.

About BirdLife Cyprus

Founded in 2003, BirdLife Cyprus is the most active non-governmental, non-profit nature conservation organisation in Cyprus. Through science, advocacy, education and on the ground conservation work, we work to protect wild birds, their habitats and wider biodiversity in Cyprus.  

To achieve this, we work to influence decision-makers and to pressure for positive change; we speak out for birds and their habitats and communicate the urgent need for their protection; we implement practical conservation actions and we look to inspire people about the wonders of the natural world. 

We belong to BirdLife International, the global Partnership of nature conservation organisations. 

Milestones and other graphics for sharing on your social media

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