About us

Who we are

Founded in 2003, BirdLife Cyprus is one of the most active non-governmental, non-profit nature conservation organisations in Cyprus. Through science, advocacy, education and on the ground conservation work, we work to protect wild birds, their habitats and wider biodiversity in Cyprus.  

To achieve this, we work to influence decision-makers and to pressure for positive change; we speak out for birds and their habitats and communicate the urgent need for their protection; we implement practical conservation actions and we look to inspire people about the wonders of the natural world. 

We belong to BirdLife International, the global Partnership of nature conservation organisations. 

Our Vision

An island with healthy ecosystems, rich in biodiversity, where people actively safeguard nature for a sustainable future.

Our Mission

Protecting the wild birds of Cyprus, their habitats, and wider biodiversity, through monitoring, conservation and education actions, and by developing people’s appreciation of nature.

Our work

  • We speak out for nature
    From the smallest of wetlands to the most remote of forests, our work has one goal: to safeguard the most important areas for birds and nature on the island. We do this starting from the very top: by influencing decision makers and by making sure that the laws that keep our nature safe from harm are in force.
  • We keep a close eye on our birds
    Be it an endangered raptor or a common garden bird, monitoring our bird populations allows us to monitor the state of our countryside. Understanding how and why bird populations are changing is fundamental to our conservation efforts.
  • We inspire people
    Connecting with nature is good for our health, our well-being and our happiness. Be it young or old, we strive to build people’s contact with nature, either in classrooms or in the outdoors, and inspire in people a sense of wonder, love and respect for the natural world.
  • We care for fragile habitats
    Healthy habitats are essential for birds and other wildlife to thrive. By delivering on the ground conservation work, we are able to care for and restore fragile habitats and their biodiversity so that they can become once again a welcoming home to wildlife.
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