BirdLife Cyprus has been running projects to improve the conservation status of selected bird species and for the protection of sites in Cyprus. Projects are a key part of our work as they enable us to implement targeted conservation measures and involve key stakeholders in these efforts.

Conservation projects provide the necessary funding to competent authorities and organizations like us to protect biodiversity, wildlife, protected sites or endangered species.

From the smallest Natura 2000 site in Cyprus to the iconic Griffon Vulture, BirdLife Cyprus is involved in groundbreaking projects in collaboration with competent authorities, local communities and key stakeholders with the aim to safeguard sites and species.

Conserving Sites & Habitats

Akrotiri Marsh Restoration

This project aims to restore the Akrotiri marsh to a mosaic of habitats, similar to the state it was in some decades ago, leading to the restoration of species diversity at the site. Funded by the Darwin Initiative.

Oroklini Project

A groundbreaking project to restore and manage Oroklini Lake funded by LIFE+.

LIFE IP Physis

BirdLife Cyprus, together with 14 other partners, is participating in LIFE IP Physis, an EU funded LIFE Integrated Project dedicated to...

Habitat restoration and wise use for Akrotiri and Cape Pyla

A project with the potential to make a real difference in the conservation, sustainability and wise use of the Akrotiri area and Cape Pyla and at the same time support the local community.

Mia Milia Management

Mia Milia Restoration Project is a bi-communal conservation project between BirdLife Cyprus and KUŞKOR,...

Saving Species

LIFE with Vultures

LIFE with Vultures aims to prevent the extinction of the Griffon Vulture in Cyprus.

Swift Project

The project’s main actions are the building of nest boxes and their installation in specific areas, ideal for Swifts, as well as raising awareness among the public about Swifts and their conservation needs.

Safe Haven Project

Our first ever nature reserve is located in the Famagusta district, close to the villages of Frenaros, Avgorou, and Vrysoulles,

LIFE Against Bird Crime

Awareness and Capacity Building against Bird Crime in Priority Flyway Countries.

Project GYPAS

Griffon Vulture Gyps fulvus is the most threatened bird species on the island. From hundreds during the ‘50s down to just...

Encouraging Sustainability

Barn Owl Project

Reducing use of poison and controlling rodent population using Barn Owls. Funded by the Tasso Leventis Conservation Foundation.

Cyprus Bycatch Project

A three-year project to better understand the problem of fisheries bycatch in Cyprus and to develop solutions. Funded by the MAVA Foundation.

Empowering People

Seeing the World through Nature

An Erasmus+ funded project to develop environmental educational resources for teachers of blind and visually-impaired pupils.
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