Annual Raptor Migration Counts

Marsh Harrier by D Nye_450_850_crp
The raptor count is a major survey taking place every Autumn and this year is no exception with the surveys beginning on 27 August 2016 and lasting up to 9 October 2016.

Raptor counting is very specialised and difficult, however we have a great team of dedicated experts who will provide an excellent coverage of the sites. The sites are Akrotiri, Cape Greco and Paphos Plain and will be observed frequently in order to get as much data as possible. 
The most important site is the Akrotiri peninsula due to the high number of species observed throughout the years since it is a migration bottleneck site. The most common species are Honey Buzzards, Marsh Harriers and Red-footed Falcons however more than 20 raptor species have been recorded. The raptor count is central in understanding the importance of Cyprus for migratory birds and is used to identify and monitor sites that qualify as Important Bird Areas under the migratory raptor criterion.

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