BirdLife Cyprus welcomes the new Seabirds Project Officer


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Without having a clear idea of what it is exactly that a Marine Biologist does, I have always had a clear vision of how my career would develop. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved being near the sea and learning more about the life supported by it. My love for the sea grew even bigger when at 17 years old I started taking diving lessons. That was the moment when I began getting to know a different world undoubtedly interconnected with ours.

The past three years, I have had the chance to travel to the Seychelles and the Maldives and fulfil not only dreams but also goals to develop skills and expand my knowledge in the field of Marine Biology and Conservation. Even though I have still a lot to learn, my experience as a Marine Biologist with non-governmental organisations abroad and my collaboration with scientists and friends working in the same field, have made me stronger and have equipped me well so that I can contribute to the best of my abilities to the work that BirdLife Cyprus does.

I feel extremely content to be the new member of the BirdLife Cyprus team as the new Seabirds Project Officer, and for the fact that I am given the chance to coordinate an exciting new project funded by the MAVA Foundation, in order to tackle the by-catch of vulnerable species. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the marine environment and work for its protection.

Annie Papadopoulou
Seabirds Project Officer


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