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Watercolours, pens or coloured pencils? Let your imagination run wild, take part in BirdLife Cyprus’ drawing competition ‘153 birds’ and discover the magical world of birds while helping raise awareness about birds. 

Birds can be found in all corners of the globe, enriching our lives with sounds and colours. Cyprus hosts many different bird species, both permanent residents as well as many migrant bird species, as it is located on one of the main migratory flyways between Europe and Africa. Some bird species come to nest in spring and summer, other species to spend the winter here, while others use Cyprus as a stopover during migration. These migratory birds have travelled thousands of kilometres over land and sea before arriving here. A remarkable accomplishment, which, if we reflect upon it, is enough to make us observe these little feathered creatures in awe and admiration.

Have you ever wondered how the Wryneck has gotten its name, why the Kingfisher has such a long beak or why one of our endemic sub-species, the Cyprus Scops Owl has this particular plumage? Have you ever observed the wonderful colours of a Roller’s plumage?

The drawing competition ‘153 birds’ presents 49 of the many bird species recorded in Cyprus and invites you to discover them through drawing. By drawing and taking part in the competition, you support the efforts of BirdLife Cyprus to raise awareness about birds and the wonder of migration, as selected drawings will be presented at an exhibition this autumn.

Eurasian Stone Curlew, Long-eared Owl, Eurasian Wryneck, Common Stonechat, Cyprus Wheatear, Bearded Reedling, Hawfinch, Masked Shrike… Their names are just as impressive and diverse as the birds themselves! Discover them, draw them and submit your finest artworks by 17 June 2016.

There are also awards for the winners in three categories: adults category (over 18 years old), children and teens category (up to 17 years old) and people’s choice category. All information about the birds and the competition is available at:

Funding for this project is from the Champions of the Flyway Bird Race, organized jointly by BirdLife International and SPNI (BirdLife in Israel).

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