Celebrating autumn migration with a bird race at Akrotiri peninsula

Event Date
October 3, 2021
Event Time
08:00 - 13:00
Organizer / Leader
Multiple guides
Akrotiri Peninsula
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Looking for a fun and alternative activity to do this autumn? Team up with friends or family members (adults only) and join us for a celebratory autumn birdwatching race on Sunday, 3 October at Akrotiri Peninsula.

Autumn is here and for migratory birds this means one thing: time to fly to their wintering grounds in the south. For us bird lovers, this means plenty of bird action to enjoy! Migration is a wonder of the natural world, and autumn is one of the best seasons to experience this with hundreds of thousands of birds passing through Cyprus.

Akrotiri Peninsula is among the most important natural areas in Cyprus for migratory birds (and other biodiversity as well). With a variety of habitats, from marshes and salt lakes to coastlines and sand dunes, the area provides refuge, food and a place to rest and breed for thousands of birds.

What is the bird race about?

During the bird race, participants will form teams and try to record as many different bird species as they can in a specific amount of time, moving with their car from one point to another within Akrotiri Peninsula. At the end of the race, the teams will return to the meeting point and submit their recording sheets for review. Winners will be announced in the following categories: Longest bird list (1st, 2nd and 3rd position) and rarest bird recorded.

What if we don’t know birds very well?

The ultimate goal of the event is to have fun, see birds and spend time in a beautiful natural area. Nevertheless, a bird race requires some bird identification skills. If you don’t have experience in bird identification or you are not familiar with Akrotiri peninsula, we have you covered. Upon registering for the event, you may choose to have an experienced birdwatcher as a leader in your team (the leaders assigned to teams are people working for BirdLife Cyprus, BirdLife Cyprus council members or members).

Programme of the day:

8.00 Arrival at the meeting point (Oceania Beach Lounge & Bar, Lady’s Mile)

8.30-12.00 Bird race at Akrotiri peninsula

12.00-12.15 Meet at Oceania Beach Lounge & Bar and submission of recordings

12.15-13.00 Αnnouncement of the winners, refreshments.

Bird race rules:

  1. Bird race area: Akrotiri peninsula, within the boundaries seen in map provided.
  2. Bird race duration: 08:30 to 12:00, and final meeting point at Oceania Beach Lounge. Teams must arrive at the meeting point to submit their recordings the latest by 12:15.
  3. Records: all wild bird species (and sub-species & varieties) seen or heard by at least two team members.
  4. Ban on: call-back and disturbance to birds of any sort. Please refer to the code of conduct sheet that will be given to you on the day.
  5. Team size: 2-5 adult members per team (plus 1 experienced birdwatcher from our team, if you choose so).

Important notes to the participants:

  • Participants must be at least 18 years old and sign up as teams of 2-5 members (no individuals accepted).
  • Necessary equipment: car, to be able to move from one point to another.
  • Other equipment (optional, but important): bird guide and binoculars. (If you don’t have binoculars, we can provide your team with as many as needed. *limited number though and equipment will be distributed on a first come first served basis)
  • COVID-19 Safe Pass is required for all participants.

How to sign up?

Please register your team by filling in this form by September, the 29th. Due to covid-19 restrictions, availability to the event is limited and registrations will close when the event is full.

The event is being organized as part of EuroBirdwatch.

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