Fence and sheds for cattle to be erected at Akrotiri Marsh during April


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The erection of fence and sheds that was planned to take place at Akrotiri Marsh as part of the Darwin project during March will be taking place during April and early May due to some unforeseen delays in preparatory procedures.

During works, visitors will be able to visit the site although they will need to use the road adjacent to the site with caution due to the presence of machinery and workers.

Later in 2016, visitor facilities like bird hides, viewing platforms and a walkway will be erected on site to enhance the experience for visitors at this unique site. BirdLife Cyprus, as a lead partner of the project is responsible for the implementation and supervision of works.

BirdLife Cyprus as well as project partners and other stakeholders involved in the project will be closely following the progress and implementation of works.

The Darwin Plus project “Akrotiri Marsh Restoration: a flagship wetland in the Cyprus SBAs” is funded by the Darwin Initiative through UK Government funding to restore Akrotiri Marsh and its biodiversity. BirdLife Cyprus is the lead partner in collaboration with two more partners, the Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre and RSPB (BirdLife partner in the UK). This ecosystem-based conservation project has a duration of 2 years, between April 2015 and March 2017.

More information for the project can be found on the project website www.akrotirimarsh.org.


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