Give back to nature with BirdLife Cyprus’s new ‘Adopt a Bird’ scheme


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BirdLife Cyprus’ innovative adoption scheme offers people the chance to symbolically adopt a bird and make a real contribution to the conservation of priority species and their habitats in Cyprus. This is a new part of the organisation’s effort to raise awareness about the birds of Cyprus and fund its critical conservation work.

By employing the creative powers of award-winning local illustrator Daphne Christoforou, BirdLife Cyprus has created unique bird illustrations of three bird species: the Greater Flamingo Phoenicopterus roseus, the Griffon Vulture Gyps fulvus and the European Roller Coracias garrulus.

Why these three bird species? Other than the fact that they are visually striking, these birds are a conservation priority in both Cyprus and Europe and depend on habitats (wetlands, farmlands and grazing lands) that BirdLife Cyprus works hard to protect. In the winter months, the elegant Greater Flamingos congregate in their thousands at the island’s salt lakes; in the spring and summer months, Cyprus’ farmlands are ornamented by the stunningly colourful Rollers that come to Cyprus to breed, and last but not least, the majestic Griffon Vultures, the largest birds that breed on the island, and also our most threatened raptor, clean up the countryside of carcasses all year round.

The idea is simple: by making a €35 donation to BirdLife Cyprus and symbolically adopting a bird, you receive a tangible symbol of your offer to nature and you support BirdLife Cyprus’ work. The adoption package includes one of Daphne Christoforou’s illustrations of the bird species of your choice printed on A4 archival-certified paper, an adoption certificate from BirdLife Cyprus and postcards with information about the bird to help the ‘adoptive parent’ learn more and spread the word. This symbolic adoption can make a truly wonderful and meaningful gift to any nature and outdoors lover.

Birds are mesmerizing creatures. They provide the link to what is wild and free. They evoke beauty, wonder and inspiration and connect us to the rhythm of the natural world. More importantly, birds are a vital part of nature’s balance and tell us when there’s something wrong with our natural environment. Loss of birds is a threat to other species, nature and ultimately humankind. And if the above have not convinced you yet, allow us to just say that the illustrations are simply stunning!

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