Have you been out bird watching in Cyprus during 2017?

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Have you been out bird watching in Cyprus during 2017? Then please don’t forget to send all your 2017 sightings in to the Bird Recorder if you haven’t already done so. 

They can be sent either via the Global portal of the BTO BirdTrack database. Email lists are acceptable if you are not comfortable with either of those two methods. Users of the eBird recording scheme can download their sightings into an excel file and forward them in that format if they want.

So that the 2017 database can be completed it would be appreciated if your sightings are received by 10 February 2018. If you are unable to meet that deadline but still have 2017 records to submit please let the Recorder know.

Make your birdwatching count and ensure that your sightings are included in the 2017 country database. Please note that the only way for your records to be included in the database is to ensure that the Recorder receives them. Unfortunately, she is unable to include those only noted on various social media sites, ‘round-robin’ emails, “BirdLine” etc.

Please send your sightings to to: 
Jane Stylianou
BirdLife Cyprus Bird Recorder
P.O. Box 24382, 1703 Nicosia, Cyprus


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