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Continuing BirdLife Cyprus’ attempts to ensure both resident and visiting birders receive up to date information on the birds being spotted on the island, we have set up a Google group through which group members can email in their recent sightings and bird news and receive and read those of other members.

Once you are a member you can chose whether to receive all emails or check the news via the web at a time convenient to you. Visit the settings option to ensure that you get emails if you want to. It is an informal group for birders to share what is around. It cannot be checked for accuracy or be held responsible for misinformation.

The group is open to both BirdLife Cyprus members and non-members alike. If you know a non-member or friend who may be interested please let them know. You may join the group here. Any news will also be shared with the BirdLife Cyprus BirdLine 25 934076 and the BirdLife Cyprus Recent Sightings page of the website. You can also use these two resources to find out what is around if you don’t want to join the Google group.  

In addition, don’t forget to make your records count by submitting your bird records to the BirdLife Cyprus Recorder and adding them to the country database. Use the Cyprus portal of BirdTrack, download our reporting excel or email the BirdLife Cyprus Recorder, Jane Stylianou


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