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Learn about the most magnificent and threatened bird of prey of Cyprus and the big effort to save it. The LIFE with Vultures project website is now live. Visit the project’s website at to learn more about the Griffon Vulture, its importance in the ecosystem, the threats it is currently facing and how these will be addressed through the project. Through the project’s website you can also follow Ikaros and Nefeli, the two young vultures that were recently tagged with GPS transmitters, and their movements of the past 30 days over familiar vulture territories.

LIFE with Vultures is a targeted conservation project for the protection of the Griffon Vulture in Cyprus. In this four-year endeavor (2019-2023), BirdLife Cyprus, the Game and Fauna ServiceTerra Cypria – The Cyprus Conservation Foundation and the Vulture Conservation Foundation have joined forces to tackle the main threats facing the Griffon Vulture and prevent Cyprus’ most threatened bird of prey from going extinct.

A conservation effort without awareness raising actions targeted at the public, local communities and organized groups that could benefit from the project’s results could be a recipe for failure. The LIFE with Vultures project website is only one of the many communication and awareness raising actions that the project will undertake aiming to spread the message about saving our vultures and the impact that poison bait use has not only on wildlife but also on human health. The website will be regularly updated with project updates and news.

The LIFE with Vultures project has a €1,375,861 budget and is co-funded (60%) by the EU’s LIFE programme.


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