Nature protection asks for a vote of confidence from the new Parliament

BirdLife Cyprus congratulates the 56 new Members of Parliament, and expresses its contentment with the composition of the new Parliament as 21 out of 56 MPs are among those who signed BirdLife Cyprus’ manifesto and pledged to protect Cyprus nature, during the #WeNatureCy campaign. Citizens’ response was overwhelming, with the campaign video having received more than 600 shares and more than 30,000 views and over 450 photos of Cyprus’ nature were uploaded on Instagram using #WeNatureCy.

BirdLife Cyprus hopes that the course taken by the new Parliament for the next five years on matters relating to the protection of nature will be paved with clear and honest motives and will be driven by the need for biodiversity protection and the country’s prosperity.

BirdLife Cyprus stresses therefore that the establishment of a new Committee on the Environment consisting of pro-nature MPs is of utmost importance as these MPs are expected to take seriously and thoroughly examine matters related to the protection of nature. This should also be reflected in the relevant legislative work that they will be called to undertake.

The 21 elected MPs who signed BirdLife Cyprus manifesto pledged to promote training and learning about nature, the creation of jobs related to the protection of nature, to uphold the law, and defend the implementation of all laws that protect nature, especially for what concerns killing of migratory birds, to promote measures for the management of all Natura 2000 sites and to protect Akamas Peninsula against degradation. The MPs also pledged to promote the reduction of chemicals used in nature or in farming and to support the expansion of sustainable farming.

BirdLife Cyprus, the most active conservation organization in Cyprus, and the national partner of BirdLife International, an umbrella organization that operates in more than 100 countries worldwide, is committed to providing to the new MPs all the support and expertise required on issues related to the protection of biodiversity in Cyprus.

#WeNatureCy campaign was funded by the Champions of the Flyway Bird Race which is organized jointly by BirdLife International and the SPNI (BirdLife in Israel).


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