New bird guide for children: What’s that bird? A bird guide for young explorers”

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Our popular children’s bird guide “What’s that bird? A bird guide for young explorers” is now available in English! The English book is based on the second edition of its Greek counterpart, and presents 86 easily identifiable bird species of Cyprus.

The bird guide is mainly targeted at children, but it is also a good starting point for adults who want to take up birdwatching. You can get your own free copy by joining BirdLife Cyprus with a junior or family membership. Existing BC junior or family members will get a copy of the book for free via post in the following weeks.

The book is one of the many actions we have been taking to inspire the younger generations about the natural world around us. It was possible thanks to the support of the Oak Foundation. The bird illustrations are by wildlife artist Paschalis Dougalis, whom we thank for his wonderful work.


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