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BirdLife Cyprus uses BirdTrack where you can enter any bird sightings allowing for a quick reference on the species and number of individuals in Cyprus.

To create an account on BirdTrack please click here so you can start adding your sightings to the global database.

BirdTrack is a truly global system, used in most of Europe (and beyond), and is notably user-friendly. Select the ‘Global data entry’ option on the opening BirdTrack menu to start entering your records and become familiar with the system and explore all the options and possibilities it provides (add photos, tweet, download BirdTrack application on your phone and much more). Already, a large number of Cyprus sites are catalogued in BirdTrack, and it is easy to add new sites if the area you have covered isn’t registered.

In the near future our own ‘front window’ for the system will be ready to launch. BirdLife Cyprus is working with the BTO to set up BirdTrackCyprus – our own portal for users to enter Cyprus data. We will arrange a suitable launch for BirdTrackCyprus, but you can already have full access to the global BirdTrack system and enter sightings from anywhere in Cyprus, or beyond.

Contact the BirdLife Cyprus Recorder

You can also send your sightings to the BirdLife Cyprus Recorder, Jane Stylianou at
  • The template for sending records to the BirdLife Cyprus Recorder is available here. Species marked with * or ** require field notes etc for acceptance.
  • The Rare Bird Report Form can be downloaded here.
  • For those who like to keep a ‘trip’ or day list a template can be downloaded here for printing (© D. Rhoads)

To keep other birdwatchers up to date with current, unusual sightings please call the BirdLife Cyprus BirdLine on +357-25-934076 bearing in mind the Birdwatching Code of Practice with regards to rare breeding species.

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