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The team here at BirdLife Cyprus are always excited to engage with people and spread the message about the work that we do. We organise birdwatching events and field meetings, set up our stall at fairs and festivals, and give talks and seminars at schools and to organised groups.

Among other events, this month we were invited to give a presentation to the members of the Limassol Branch of the Cyprus Third Age Association (C3A). C3A is a lifelong learning group for people who are no longer in full-time work, who are interested in taking part in educational, creative and leisure activities. The Limassol C3A recently launched a new birdwatching group, so we were delighted to take this opportunity to give a talk about the birds of Cyprus and the work that BirdLife Cyprus does to conserve them, with a special emphasis on bird migration.

The birds of Cyprus proved to be a popular topic and the meeting was very well attended. Christina, BirdLife Cyprus Monitoring and Research Coordinator, spoke about bird migration in general, including how birds achieve this spectacular feat and the various ways in which we can study migration, as well as the threats that migrating birds face during their journey. There was great interest in the BirdLife Cyprus campaign against illegal trapping of birds, as well as in the ongoing Akrotiri Marsh Restoration project.

We are always glad to speak with people who are interested in the birds and nature of Cyprus and their protection and we encourage everyone, no matter if you are young or old, to discover the fascinating world of birds through birdwatching and responsible enjoyment of nature. If you are not a member of a birdwatching group, perhaps you could start your own, or join us at one of our regular field meetings, where we look forward to welcoming you.


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