#WeNatureCy – voting and winning for nature

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With parliamentary elections fast approaching BirdLife Cyprus has launched #WeNatureCy, an online campaign to engage the public and the candidates in matters related to the protection of Cyprus’ nature.

Cyprus’ nature is unique. Nestled between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, we are gifted with a multitude of habitats and species, many unique to our island. Our island is home to more than 400 species of birds, 2000 species of plants, 22 reptiles and 36 mammals, many of which exist only here.

The economic models of the past have failed the countryside, our species and our people. It’s time for a new approach. The new House of Representatives will have the opportunity to value, protect and defend Cyprus’ nature, for our own wellbeing and as a basis for all economic activities.

The parties and their candidates have already been informed about the campaign, and we have asked them to pledge for the protection of Cyprus’ nature by signing our manifesto, a translation of which you can find here. During the campaign, the names of the candidates who will sign the manifesto will be announced on the website to inform the public.

The Parliamentary elections are an opportunity for us to make sure that our elected representatives know that nature and its protection matters to us.

Help us do this by…  

  • sharing our #WeNatureCy video which we have uploaded on our social media pages
  • posting photos of Cyprus’ nature on Instagram using the hashtag #WeNatureCy

Make your voice heard and send a powerful and loud message to all candidates that we want our nature to be valued and safeguarded – www.wenaturecy.com

#WeNatureCy campaign is funded by the Champions of the Flyway Bird Race.


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