Report poaching

Report Poaching

Illegal shooting and trapping of birds is a persistent problem in Cyprus – one that BirdLife Cyprus dedicates a lot of its time and energy campaigning against. But we need your help if we are to be more effective in combating this problem: be our eyes and ears.

Poaching poses a threat for birds (and other wildlife) as well as the public. Poaching (especially during the breeding season) can decrease bird populations and drive rare species towards extinction. Shooting in built-up areas or near isolated houses as well as shooting from moving vehicles can be dangerous and is forbidden by law.

If you have witnessed any violations of the hunting law then please report these to the relevant authorities at once. Hunting regulations and numbers of relevant authorities can be found here.

Please also let BirdLife Cyprus know, so we can keep track of the problem and increase our pressure for effective enforcement action. A standard form for reporting poaching incidents to BirdLife Cyprus can be found here.

You can send completed forms to us by post (P.O. Box 12026, Nicosia 2340), by email at, or by fax at +357-22 455 073.

Report poaching using our app

An easy-to-use tool to help you report illegal bird trapping and poaching is our free mobile application (available for Android and iOS) that allows you to report these incidents to BirdLife Cyprus, while you are outdoors and have witnessed such illegal activities. Our free app provides the user with an easy tool to report poaching incidents directly to BirdLife Cyprus. The app also includes an online game and an encyclopedia of the most common bird species of Cyprus. 

The information we receive in the reports from the public are sent to the enforcement authorities, ensuring the anonymity of the person who reported the incident.

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