The predominantly low-intensity agriculture in Cyprus makes it an attractive place for birds. Agricultural intensification in Europe has had a well-documented and disastrous effect on farmland birds. BirdLife Cyprus promotes a set of practical proposals to ensure local farming practices are kept wildlife-friendly.

The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is one of the most powerful policy tools within and outside Europe, as it consists of a very large part of the EU budget (about 40%). Therefore, the policies promoted by CAP have an impact on several sectors of the economy, the society and our environment.

Farmers are in fact the most important managers of the environment and nature in Europe, and the way they manage their land affects us all. In addition to agricultural produce, "sustainable" agriculture offers to society a variety of "common goods", such as clean water, healthy ecosystems, biodiversity, attractive landscapes and vibrant rural communities that are not rewarded by the market.

The Common Agricultural Policy should ensure that public expenditures are used to promote the public benefit and not any private interests.

BirdLife Cyprus believes that EU and national governments should continue to underpin rural development, recognizing and enhancing the public services it offers, by supporting the transition from the intensification of production to a sustainable agriculture, based on the following principles:
  • Public money for public goods
  • Support to small farmers and rural communities
  • Promote sustainable production methods
  • Additional and enhanced support for farmers who ensure more public services and take additional actions on biodiversity, climate change etc.

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