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Barn Owl

Tyto alba


Patrik Aberg, Xeno-canto


Key information: The best time to see a Barn Owl is around dusk, right before it gets dark. It nests in holes on cliffs or in old buildings. Its face has the shape of a heart and resembles a human face. It is wrongly misunderstood because of its screeching call. It is very useful to farmers, as it can consume up to 1000 rodents per year. For this reason, it is used to control rodent populations in farmland areas by placing nest boxes to attract a breeding pair.

Length: 33 – 39 cm | Wingspan: 80 – 95 cm

Habitat: Farmland, towns and villages

When they can be seen: All year round

What they eat: Rodents

In Cyprus: Can be seen in farmland areas and in towns and villages

Status: Resident breeder

Illustration by Paschalis Dougalis

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