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Long-legged Buzzard

Buteo rufinus


Marco Dragonetti, Xeno-canto


Key information: The Long-legged Buzzard is a large bird of prey with long wings. It has a characteristic rufous plumage, especially on the tail and on the head. When in flight, it can be identified by the prominent black carpal patches, one on each underwing. Unlike the Honey Buzzard, the bars on the underwings are very thin. It is the only buzzard species that breeds in Cyprus. It nests on cliffs or tall trees.

Length: 50 – 58 cm | Wingspan: 130 – 155 cm

Habitat: Farmland, scrub and bushes

When they can be seen: All year round

What they eat: Reptiles, rodents

In Cyprus: Can be seen at Ezousa Valley, Diarizos Valley, Akamas Peninsula, Asprokremmos Dam and Evretou Dam

Status: Resident breeder

Illustration by Paschalis Dougalis

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