Mapping nature at Cape Greco

Last Saturday was one of those perfect winter days. The welcoming warmth of the sun and the soothing calm of the sky-blue sea made Cape Greco irresistibly inviting and the day fitting for our creative mapping workshop.

Our starting point was the Cape Greco Environmental Education and Information Centre. Exploring the Centre and its exhibits offered a glimpse into the immense natural wealth of the area, but it also made us wonder: what else could be out there that we don’t know about or haven’t noticed?
Our eagerness to go out and explore the area and map it grew bigger. But first, an introduction to the creative mapping methods was due. This prepared us for what was to follow – a number of new concepts and approaches to exploring and studying what surrounds us: from Nature sound map, an interactive way of exploring the natural sound of our planet through a rich collection of nature recordings from around the world to dérive, an unplanned and playful journey through a landscape without a predetermined destination, where exploration is open to anything that draws the interest of the participant.
And with that we were ready to go outside! We started by following the path that leads from the Centre to the Agioi Anargyroi picnic site, where charcoal, coloured pencils, paper and cardboard, play-dough and binoculars were waiting to become tools to explore and to capture experiences. We broke up into groups, and with our eyes, ears, hands and hearts open we started absorbing images, sounds, textures and translating them into works of art – the stimuli were endless!
After some time of exploration and creation, we re-grouped. We discussed, exchanged ideas and admired each other’s creative maps which were in their early stages, capturing altitudes, the human presence, colours, textures, shapes and so much more…

We know what you’re thinking, and the answer is yes, there’s another workshop coming up on Sunday 7 January 2018! Until then you can let Cyprus’ nature inspire you and learn about the creative mapping competition ‘Wild for nature’ by BirdLife Cyprus for young people aged 15-25 here

With this opportunity we would like to thank the Cape Greco Environmental Education and Information Centre for its warm hospitality for BirdLife Cyprus’ first creative mapping workshop.

The event took place within the framework of the ‘Wild for nature’ competition.

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