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30 June 2016
The effects of manmade climate change are dramatic and uncontested and whereas mitigation still remains a priority, it’s now recognized that adaptation is essential too, because there is no escaping the effects of climate change, whatever we do. BirdLife International has always been advocating ecosystem based adaptation, which is based on the fact that healthy ecosystems are more resilient to climate change and our best insurance against its effects. Ecosystem based adaptation follows two main avenues, one which aims to maintain and strengthen resilience of ecosystems and wildlife and one to accommodate change.
30 June 2016
The Tamasos and Orinis Bishopric invited BirdLife Cyprus to take part in the summer camps it organises for children. BirdLife Cyprus happily accepted the invitation and gave presentations to children aged 7 to 14, every week throughout July, at Kampos Tsakistras where the summer camps took place.
30 June 2016
The consultations with the local communities over management plans for Special Protection Areas (SPAs), Natura 2000 sites for birds, have finally been completed. Between November 2014 and June 2016, BirdLife Cyprus and its project partner, I.A.CO Ltd, conducted almost 50 community consultations in local coffee shops, community and visitor centres from Sotira in the East to Neo Chorio in the West. The visits were split in two phases, with the overall aim of securing stakeholder feedback and input. During the first phase (November 2014 - March 2015), the main purpose was to inform the local communities of the aims of the 3-year project and give them a first idea of what they should expect from the management plans we were drawing up.
30 June 2016
As the four-month spring/summer survey season (March-June) comes to a close, BirdLife Cyprus volunteers have completed over 350 surveys across the length and breadth of Cyprus.
30 June 2016
One of the oldest handicrafts, whose practice has been fading away in the last decades, is being promoted thanks to the Darwin project for the restoration of Akrotiri Marsh.
30 June 2016
BirdLife Cyprus expressed its serious concerns and opposition to the law amendment prepared by the Game and Fauna Service with title ‘The Protection and Management of Wild Birds and Game Species (Amendment) Law of 2016', during the recent discussion held at the Environment Committee of the Cyprus Parliament on 29 June 2016.
23 June 2016
In light of the tragic fire events that broke out over the last days BirdLife Cyprus highlights the imperative need for forests and natural habitats to be protected from urban sprawl and states the following:
17 June 2016
Exactly two months ago, on a beautiful spring Sunday, BirdLife Cyprus celebrated the launch of the drawing competition ‘153 birds’ at the Famagusta Gate Moat in Nicosia, with fairytales, songs, smiles, old and new friends. Today, on the final day of the competition, we review the last two months: we have received nearly 300 incredible drawings, a lot of enthusiasm for the magical world of birds. The response has exceeded our expectations and we would like to thank each and every one who submitted a drawing and everyone who supported our campaign! 
10 June 2016
The European Commission was supposed to present the results of its “fitness check” of the Birds and Habitats Directives (Nature Directives) at a Dutch Presidency conference “Future-proof Nature Policy” on 28-30 June 2016. The document was supposed to serve as a basis for discussions, about the implementation of the Nature Directives in the Member States, at the conference which many governments and NGOs were planning to attend. However the European Commission, 20 days ahead of the conference, has still not published the results of its “fitness check” of these vital laws. 
04 June 2016
​Watercolours, pens or coloured pencils? Let your imagination run wild, take part in BirdLife Cyprus’ drawing competition ‘153 birds’ and discover the magical world of birds while helping raise awareness about birds. 

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