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26 September 2018
Joe Sultana, one of the great personalities of the BirdLife partnership and one of the most effective and passionate defenders of birds and the environment of his beloved Malta, passed away in early September, at the age of 78.
26 September 2018
Bird migration is among the wonders of the natural world. This time of year, thousands of migratory birds leave Europe to travel towards Africa, where they will spend the winter. Many of them are currently passing through Cyprus. 
30 August 2018
Autumn migration is upon us and it’s exciting! Well, it is indeed exciting if you’re into birds and you’re in Cyprus, but not as much if you’re a small songbird passing through the south-eastern corner of the island to head towards your wintering grounds. 
29 August 2018
A few years after his debut in 2014, where he explained the problem of illegal bird trapping, Ulysses is back, this time with a cute co-star!
31 July 2018
Summer weekends combined with city heat does not sound very exciting, but that did not stop postgraduate students of the European University of Cyprus to use their creative powers and add some colour in the heart of the city for a refreshing summer afternoon.
31 July 2018
Ηow many of us have truly explored this site, its natural, cultural and traditional aspects? And why are we now worried about its preservation?  
27 July 2018
For metal-heads, there’s ‘Rock in Rio’, for pop culture aficionados, there’s ‘Coachella’, for electro-heads, ‘Tomorrowland’, and for birders, there’s… the UK ‘Birdfair’. And, well, you may as well forget the rest, because Birdfair is where you really want to be, if you are into birds, nature, and anything in between.

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