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30 September 2016
Birdwatching is a fun and affordable way for a family to come closer to nature. It encourages focus and observation in children and cultivates their love for nature. 
20 September 2016
At this point of the year, millions of migratory birds are leaving Europe flying to their wintering places in Africa. Cyprus is on one of the main migratory flyways in Europe and so every autumn and spring hundreds of thousands of birds pass through our island: from colourful Bee-eaters as they call and swirl through the air hunting for insects to imposing migrating raptors, such as the Red-footed Falcon and the Pallid Harrier, species of global conservation concern. BirdLife Cyprus invites people to take the opportunity to discover the fascinating world of bird migration on 2 October 2016. 
31 August 2016
A big and warm thank you to everyone who took part in the ‘153 birds’ drawing competition and congratulations to the lucky winners! We received over 300 drawings and the difficult task of selecting the winners was undertaken by a committee comprised of BirdLife Cyprus staff and members of its Council, who chose the following:
31 August 2016
The Game and Fauna Service carried out a Public Consultation on 5 August 2016 regarding the law proposals that it had brought to the Environment Committee of the Cyprus Parliament for discussion in late June. The public consultation was carried out after the Environment Committee had ordered the Game and Fauna Service to carry out a meaningful public consultation dialogue with all stakeholders, before these proposals are to be discussed in detail at the Parliament (read relevant June and July 2016 e-news articles). In particular, there are three proposed laws / regulations that the Game and Fauna Service presented during the consultation: a) ‘The Protection and Management of Wild Birds and Game Species (Amendment) Law of 2016', an amendment to the main hunting legislation 152(I)/2003, b) Regulations on the ‘Possession of Breeding species of Wild Birds or Wildlife’, and c) Regulations on ‘Training areas of Hunting Dogs’.
31 August 2016
The raptor count is a major survey taking place every Autumn and this year is no exception with the surveys beginning on 27 August 2016 and lasting up to 9 October 2016.
31 August 2016
Tracking wild bird populations is an excellent way to monitor the state of our countryside and an understanding of whether these populations are stable, increasing or decreasing is fundamental to bird conservation efforts. A recent BirdLife Cyprus report covering ten years of the Cyprus Common Birds Monitoring Scheme (CBMS) includes indices on the population trends of common breeding birds that provide the best currently available indicators of the state of the environment in Cyprus. Over 40 BirdLife Cyprus volunteers were involved in gathering this data, following a standardised methodology to systematically survey over 150 randomly selected 1 x 1 km squares across Cyprus.
31 August 2016
These coming weeks millions of migrating birds will leave Europe and fly to their wintering places in Africa. BirdLife Cyprus invites people to take the opportunity to discover the fascinating world of bird migration during Eurobirdwatch on 2 October 2016.
31 August 2016
The hunting season for the Woodpigeon (Columba palumbus) and Turtle Dove (Streptopelia turtur) started on Sunday 21 August 2016 and will last till the end of October.
31 August 2016
Participating at events is an excellent way for BirdLife Cyprus to raise public awareness on the importance of protecting and conserving nature and wildlife.
31 August 2016
BirdLife Cyprus participated at the Birdfair, the biggest wild life event in the world, for the 3rd consecutive year, which took place on 19 – 21 August 2016 at the Rutland Water Nature Reserve in England. The aim of the Fair is to get birdwatchers together to celebrate birds, to develop a commercial fair for the birdwatching industry and to support international conservation projects.

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