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31 May 2016
In the coming weeks, the European Commission is expected to publish its conclusion on the ‘fitness check’ of the Nature Directives and hold the annual Green Week. For this reason on 16 May 2016 BirdLife Europe, the BirdLife International EU partners and citizens across the EU took to social media to remind Commissioner Vella and his 27 other Commissioner colleagues, that EU citizens are still behind the Nature Directives, and are anxious to see action, and have them fully implemented in order to benefit the environment and local communities.
31 May 2016
Civil society finally had the opportunity to officially voice its opinion about the sustainability of all forms of bioenergy as the European Commission in February opened a public consultation on a new EU policy on sustainable bioenergy for the period 2020-2030. BirdLife Europe’s contribution to the consultation stresses the fact that the current use of bioenergy in the EU is not sustainable and that new policy measures are urgently needed.
31 May 2016
The consultation on the new proposed EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) legislation is soon coming to an end. The new EIA law is the result of the need to transpose into national legislation the Directive 2014/52/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014, which amends Directive 2011/92/EU on the assessment of effects of certain public and private projects on the environment. The new Directive needs to be transposed into the national legislation of all Member States by 16 May 2017, at the latest.
31 May 2016
Our team of skilled local volunteer recorders is once again forming the backbone of our bird monitoring effort for 2016. Added to this on-island team, visiting full-time volunteers are once again making an invaluable input to our 2016 programmes for common breeding birds, nocturnal species, Rollers and forest birds. These dedicated and capable visitors – four in total for various stints this spring and summer – are also putting in the hours keeping tabs on key species at the Akrotiri (Phassouri) Marsh. This provides vital data for the ongoing Darwin funded project giving some much needed attention to this precious wetland (visit the project website for more details and updates).
23 May 2016
BirdLife Cyprus congratulates the 56 new Members of Parliament, and expresses its contentment with the composition of the new Parliament as 21 out of 56 MPs are among those who signed BirdLife Cyprus’ manifesto and pledged to protect Cyprus nature, during the #WeNatureCy campaign. 
19 May 2016
With parliamentary elections just around the corner, BirdLife Cyprus announces today the results of its online campaign #WeNatureCy for the protection of Cyprus’ nature.

The campaign called on the candidates to pledge for the protection of nature, by adopting BirdLife Cyprus’ manifesto, and also gave citizens the opportunity to unite their voices for its protection on social media. 
09 May 2016
Tomorrow, 10 May 2016, is World Migratory Bird Day. On this occasion, BirdLife Cyprus is organizing its first open day on Saturday 14 May 2016 from 11 am until 2 pm at its offices in Strakka, Kato Deftera, Nicosia, to which it invites young and old to learn about the wonder of migration but also threats migratory birds face. 
29 April 2016
The second and final round of consultations with local communities over management plans for Special Protection Areas (SPAs), i.e. Natura 2000 sites for birds, is in full swing. Between mid-February and mid-April, a total of 15 meetings were completed by BirdLife Cyprus and its contract partner, consultants IACO Environmental. The communities visited ranged from Ayia Napa and Paralimni in the south east to the Troodos and Diarizos areas further west.
29 April 2016
Project partners of the Darwin project ‘Akrotiri Marsh Restoration: a flagship wetland in the Cyprus SBAs’, are organising an open discussion on the latest developments at Akrotiri Marsh. The discussion is mainly addressed to birdwatchers and wildlife photographers and will focus on birdwatching / nature watching infrastructure and access within the site. The aim of this open discussion is the dissemination of information on the facilities planned to be erected at Akrotiri Marsh as part of the Darwin project and also the exchange of ideas and suggestions on how to enhance visitors’ experience on site while meeting the project’s conservation objectives.
29 April 2016
BirdLife Cyprus was informed from press articles in early April 2016 of the adoption of a decree issued by the Minister of the Interior for the management and control of the fox population. The decree was issued after the Scientific Committee provided its opinion to the Minister, asking for the implementation of management and control measures for the fox. 

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