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29 November 2018
Barn Owls, they are mostly seen at dusk and the reason is simple. This is when mice, rats and shrews, their main prey, are active.
05 November 2018
BirdLife Partners from Europe gathered in a two day meeting in Athens, organized by BirdLife International and the Hellenic Ornithological Society, to discuss the amendment of the European Marine Strategy (EMS). This was the first time BirdLife Cyprus was represented at Marine Task Force meetings, where our contribution and work delivery was congratulated.
31 July 2018
Summer weekends combined with city heat does not sound very exciting, but that did not stop postgraduate students of the European University of Cyprus to use their creative powers and add some colour in the heart of the city for a refreshing summer afternoon.
27 July 2018
For metal-heads, there’s ‘Rock in Rio’, for pop culture aficionados, there’s ‘Coachella’, for electro-heads, ‘Tomorrowland’, and for birders, there’s… the UK ‘Birdfair’. And, well, you may as well forget the rest, because Birdfair is where you really want to be, if you are into birds, nature, and anything in between.
04 June 2018
Last Saturday we spent a magical afternoon at Oroklini Lake celebrating the award for the restoration of this important wetland. 
02 March 2018
The Sea Caves area in Peyia, one of the most spectacular natural formations of the island, a habitat to the critically endangered Mediterranean monk seal Monachus monachus and also an important area for migratory bird species, is now under serious threat. 
29 December 2017
It was 7 in the evening when I got a phone call from a friend. ‘Elena, my son has had his head buried in the book since midday! He has a question about the Coot. Can you help?’ Awesome, I thought, it’s happening! The book is out there, it’s in homes, and more importantly, it’s getting kids hooked. Awesome indeed!
29 December 2017
Last Saturday was one of those perfect winter days. The welcoming warmth of the sun and the soothing calm of the sky-blue sea made Cape Greco irresistibly inviting and the day fitting for our creative mapping workshop.
07 December 2017
Join us on Saturday 16 December at 9am at the Cape Greco Environmental Education and Information Centre to experience nature in new ways! What will we do? A bird ringing demonstration, a creative mapping workshop in nature and picnic*!
04 November 2017
Looking for something different and fun to do with your family on the weekend? Why not try birdwatching, one of the simplest ways to get close to the world of birds and nature. Join us with your family on 12 or 26 November at Athalassa Park or Oroklini Lake to connect with the natural world around you and peak into the life of these remarkable feathered creatures.

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