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Northern Pintail

Anas acuta


Marco Dragonetti, Xeno-canto


Key information: The Northern Pintail is an elegant duck that visits Cyprus in the winter. It has a long thin neck, a slim body and a long pointy tail. It is a dabbling duck, much like the Mallard, which means it forages in shallow waters by upending its body in the water. The female differs from the male, having a light brown pattern throughout its plumage.

Length: 51 – 62 cm

Habitat: Wetlands

When they can be seen: Autumn, winter, spring

What they eat: Seeds, invertebrates

In Cyprus: Can be seen at wetlands such as Oroklini Lake, Akrotiri Marsh and Athalassa Park

Status: Winter visitor, passage migrant

Illustration by Paschalis Dougalis

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