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Columba palumbus


Fiona Morton, Xeno-canto


Key information: The Woodpigeon looks completely grey from a distance, but in reality, it has a pinkish breast, a grey-brown back and a distinctive large white patch on the side of the neck. When it takes off, its wingbeats make a loud noise. As with other pigeon species, the chicks are fed with a special liquid produced by the parents, known as ‘pigeon milk’. It is bigger than a Feral Pigeon.

Length: 38 – 43cm

Habitat: Towns and villages, farmland, mountains and forests

When they can be seen: All year round

What they eat: Seeds

In Cyprus: Can be seen all over the island in areas with trees, from plains to mountains

Status: Resident breeder

Illustration by Paschalis Dougalis

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