Activity books and other publications

Activity books and other publications

Activity books

Looking for more fun activities for your students? Have a look at our activity books below.

‘What a journey’ follows the journey of four migratory birds: the Kingfisher, the Hoopoe, the Bee-Eater and the Greater Flamingo.

‘Flying high with vultures’ is a book with lots of activities and crafts to raise awareness about the most endangered bird of Cyprus, the Griffon Vulture. For a school programme on the endangered Griffon Vulture, please call us at 22455072 for more information.

A citizen science activity book The activity book is part of a citizen science programme offered to primary schools, that allows students to become citizen scientists and study the Barn Swallows that nest in their school or their neighborhood. If you wish us to implement the programme at your class, please call us at 22455072 for more information.

Seeing the world through Nature - Educational blocks

Ready-made resources for teachers of preschools and primary school children with visual impairments to engage their pupils with nature, through interactive, sensory, outdoor and indoor activities, focused on birds and their habitats.

Block 1 – How to become a good birdwatcher

Block 2 – Wandering out in autumn

Block 3 – What do birds eat

Block 4 – Winter is not so bad

Block 5 – Birds living next to us



Block 6 – Spring migration

Block 7 – Why do birds build nests

Block 8 – Which birds live in farmland

Block 9 – How birds care for their young

Block 10 – Forest birds

Block 11 – Wetland birds

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