Electric fence to manage grazing at Akrotiri Marsh

To enhance grazing for conservation purposes at Akrotiri Marsh, the Darwin project has erected an electric fence at the site. The electric fence brings us one step closer to having untethered grazing at Akrotiri Marsh. This change in grazing method will help graziers to manage their cattle and will make their life much easier as they will not have to carry water to tethered animals. It will also help keep the herds of different graziers from mixing and at the same time untethered grazing animals will be doing a much better job at controlling the reed expansion and pushing the reeds further back and therefore creating suitable habitat for wildlife.

The electric fence is a movable fence and has been marked with warning signs. Its voltage is enough to keep cattle away but it is not strong enough to impact human health. However, visitors are advised not to touch the electric fence as it can cause a rather unpleasant feeling.

In case of further information please contact the Project Coordinator on melpo.apostolidou@birdlifecyprus.org.cy.

To find out more about the project and its progress, please visit the project website www.akrotirimarsh.org.

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