Management works in progress at Akrotiri Marsh as part of the Darwin project

The landscaping and water management works that started on 10 October 2016 at Akrotiri Marsh are still in progress. These works include ditch dredging, scrape and pool creation, some reed clearing as well as the creation of footpaths which will channel visitors to the birdwatching hides. These works are expected to finish in mid-November while the works for the construction of the birdwatching facilities will be starting soon.

The RSPB (BirdLife in the UK) has been closely supervising works in collaboration with BirdLife Cyprus and the SBA Environmental Department.

lease note that during works, visitors will be able to visit the site although they will need to be cautious due to the presence of machinery and workers.

If you need further information please contact the Project Coordinator on

To find out more about the project and its progress, please visit the project website

The Darwin project “Akrotiri Marsh Restoration: a flagship wetland in the Cyprus SBAs” is funded by the Darwin Initiative through UK Government funding to restore Akrotiri Marsh and its biodiversity. BirdLife Cyprus is the lead partner in collaboration with two more partners, the Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre and RSPB (BirdLife in the UK). This ecosystem-based conservation project has a duration of 2 years, between April 2015 and March 2017.

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