Singing for Akamas


Κοινοποίηση μέσω:

‘Singing for Akamas’ a one day event, was organised by the ‘Cyprus Natural Coastline’ initiative, ‘Limassol Initiative for Akamas’ and ‘Save Akamas/ Save Cyprus’ on Sunday 27 March 2016. The event took place at the amphitheatre of Molos (Limassol), between 12:00 – 22:00 with 14 local bands and DJs participating.The event was organised following the recent decisions of the Ministerial Council on the Akamas issue, in an effort to oppose them and also to raise awareness about the need for protection of Akamas.

Despite the cold and the wind, an impressive number of more than 5000 people attended the event who with their upbeat spirit managed to unite their voices and demand the protection of the Akamas peninsula. Moreover, one of the groups that participated in the event, Monsieur Doumani, wrote and composed a song dedicated to Akamas. This song was presented for the first time to the public during the event:

Κάνε εισφορά

Γίνε Μέλος

Οικογενειακή συνδρομή μέλους

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