SOS – Sea Caves under serious threat


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The Sea Caves area in Peyia, one of the most spectacular natural formations of the island, a habitat to the critically endangered Mediterranean monk seal Monachus monachus and also an important area for migratory bird species, is now under serious threat. 

Even though the area is part of the Akamas Peninsula Natura 2000 area, housing developments and a hotel are about to be constructed a stone’s throw from the area, leading to severe negative impacts to the species, to the coastline and landscape of the area. Currently, some of the villas are already under construction in this magnificent area and what make things even worse, is that some of them have no valid permits. At the same time, illegal and destructive interventions have already taken place in the area including the removal of rocks, the formation of the beach, the planting private gardens in public land with invasive alien species among others.

BirdLife Cyprus believes that this project will have significant and irreversible effects on the species for which the area is protected. We have called upon the competent authorities not to give the go-ahead for this development before all necessary procedures are completed, including a scientifically justified and rigorous evaluation on the environmental impacts of the project, before a halt is brought to all illegal interventions in the area and before completion of the relevant investigation by the Auditor General.

This was the main reason that BirdLife Cyprus participated in a demonstration outside the House of Representatives together with concerned citizens and other environmental NGOs on Wednesday, 28 February 2018 This was also another opportunity to support our timeless request for strict enforcement of the laws protecting nature. For the sake of nature, the people of this country and for the generations to come.

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