Snouts on a mission against poison

As we look to set up our own dog units as part of the LIFE with Vultures project, we talk to the handlers of Greece’s canine heroes. Covering more than 500 kilometers in patrols since their units’ creation, Kouki and Ioli, two four-legged detectives, and their handlers, Dimitris and Victoria respectively, have found and removed from the Greek countryside 119 poisoned animals and 122 poison baits. In the interview that follows, Dimitris Vavylis and Victoria Saravia, handlers of two Anti-Poison Dog Units run by HOS (BirdLife in Greece), share their experience. (Interview date: February 2020)

Lessons from Cyprus

Martin Harper, Regional Director for BirdLife Europe & Central Asia, writes about key nature conservation challenges in Cyprus after his recent visit to our island. Martin Harper visited at the invitation of BirdLife Cyprus, the local BirdLife partner. The focus for Martin’s visit was on environmental issues in the British Bases, both due to the urgency of the challenges there and because of Martin’s previous role as Head of International division at the RSPB (BirdLife in the UK).

How dangerous power lines can be made safer for birds

Overhead power lines can often have negative impacts for wildlife – especially birds. Collisions with these structures are responsible for the death of millions of birds throughout the world, especially raptors and other large birds, and have the potential to negatively affect their populations. With a continuously expanding power line network, it is becoming increasingly …

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Cyprus welcomes 15 Griffon Vultures from Spain

The first 15 Griffon Vultures to support the extremely threatened population of the species on the island arrived in Cyprus in mid-November 2021. This restocking action took place as part of the “LIFE with Vultures” project, which aims to prevent the extinction the Griffon Vulture Gyps fulvus from the island and at the same time strengthen its population and preserve it for the long-term.

Καταφθάνουν οι πρώτοι γύπες από την Ισπανία

Τις ερχόμενες μέρες καταφθάνουν αεροπορικώς, από την Ισπανία, οι πρώτοι Γύπες που θα ενισχύσουν τον εξαιρετικά μειωμένο πληθυσμό του είδους στην Κύπρο. Η εισαγωγή Γυπών γίνεται στο πλαίσιο του προγράμματος «Ζωή με τους Γύπες» που έχει στόχο να αποτρέψει την εξαφάνιση του Πυρόχρου Γύπα Gyps fulvus από το νησί και παράλληλα να ενισχύσει τον πληθυσμό του και να τον διατηρήσει μακροχρόνια.

Open letter to the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Environment

In September, more than 1100 citizens have emailed the letter below to the Ministers of the Interior and Environment, expressing their concerns about the future of Akamas and demanding answers to specific questions. This e-mail action was coordinated by BirdLife Cyprus, who are publishing this open letter, asking from the Ministers to be accountable and to tell us how they will ensure the protection and management of the entire Akamas Peninsula.

A month of volunteering for BirdLife Cyprus

At BirdLife Cyprus, we are very selective when it comes to offering volunteer opportunities, as we always want to ensure it works (and ‘gives’) both ways. Artemis, a 16-year-old student who spent a month volunteering with us this summer, shares her experiences and what she learnt along the way. Thank you, Artemis, for your interest and your passion and for all the valuable help!

Wildlife Crime Academy – bringing the knowledge home

Over recent decades, around 40-50 Griffon Vultures have died of poisoning, leaving Cyprus with an extremely low population of just 20 birds. These are losses that could have been avoided or at least, if even one of the perpetrators had been brought to justice, could have contributed in preventing further wildlife poisoning. Poisoning, poaching, trapping, …

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Turtle Doves are sending out an SOS

In recent years, there has been a discussion regarding the Turtle dove and what measures can be taken to help its recovery. But what is the current population status of the species, what are the reasons that have led to its significant decrease and what discussions are taking place at a European level in order to help it?

Μας ταΐζουν κουτόχορτο με τους όρους περιβαλλοντικών αξιολογήσεων

Πρόσφατες περιπτώσεις παράτυπων και προβληματικών διαδικασιών για την περιβαλλοντική αξιολόγηση έργων κοντά σε προστατευόμενες περιοχές υποσκάπτουν την πρόοδο που έχει γίνει τα τελευταία χρόνια.

Lake Soros, at Larnaka Salt Lake, is full of lead shot, new study shows

The south-western part of Larnaka Salt Lake in Meneou (locally known as Lake Soros) is one of the few wetlands in Cyprus that hunting is permitted next to. Since the majority of hunting ammunition available in Cyprus contains lead pellets, the risk of the lake being polluted with lead was always there. For this reason, …

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