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Tag: natura2000

Conservation & Science
What is happening with Akamas? The latest developments

We all know of the importance of the Akamas Peninsula as one of the last remaining natural coastal areas in Cyprus, and of the development threat it faces. We bring you the latest developments, answering the ‘most frequently asked’ questions of recent months.

In the press
Μας ταΐζουν κουτόχορτο με τους όρους περιβαλλοντικών αξιολογήσεων

Πρόσφατες περιπτώσεις παράτυπων και προβληματικών διαδικασιών για την περιβαλλοντική αξιολόγηση έργων κοντά σε προστατευόμενες περιοχές υποσκάπτουν την πρόοδο που έχει γίνει τα τελευταία χρόνια.

Conservation & Science
Monitoring birds with camera traps

Can you spot the camera in the photo below? Barely, right? Birds also tend not to notice it. This is why this nifty gadget is helping us record key data on key species, with zero disturbance and without us even being there.

Latest updates about Akamas: The 5 questions you are too hesitant to ask

Akamas is a word which, unfortunately, has been synonymous with dispute in public discourse, for at least the last decade. The impression is often given that Akamas is an issue that remains seemingly inactive, but which every couple of months returns and sweeps the Press and Media, communicating many different messages, before it is put back to rest until the next outburst.

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