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All about birds
What should we do to protect bird nests?

Every spring, birds devote a huge amount of time and energy looking after their eggs and chicks. If you want to give them a helping hand, here are some simple tips that you can follow in your garden and local area to keep nesting birds safe.

In the press
Illegal bird trapping: plugging one gap only to create another

BirdLife Cyprus’ latest report on bird trapping, for autumn 2020, presents the lowest trapping levels with mist nets ever recorded. Unfortunately, this welcome progress contrasts sharply with a catastrophic recent relaxation of the hunting law, while at the same time limestick use is on the rise.

Conservation & Science
Monitoring birds with camera traps

Can you spot the camera in the photo below? Barely, right? Birds also tend not to notice it. This is why this nifty gadget is helping us record key data on key species, with zero disturbance and without us even being there.

All about birds
Ethics in wildlife photography

An article focused on the need to be sensitive and considerate as a photographer when it comes to your impact on nature. Some hints and tips from our member, volunteer and wildlife photographer Ben Porter.

Highlights from 2020

2020 was the year when our societies were shaken to their core.

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